Monday, January 26, 2009

I've Been Tagged!!

Well, I wondered how long I would get away with not getting tagged. My friend Sharon has finally caught up with me. Its not too difficult though....
Go to the 6th folder of your pics and pick the 6th picture and write something about that picture. I have 2 places where I keep pics. Both of the 6th folders were of Layla....our dog! How lucky is that. LOL

So here she is.
This is our 60 lb baby in a wadding pool last summer. She just loves the water and the hose. It's hard to water the flowers with her around, she keeps jumping at the water. So we decided to get her a pool. We fill it up before her walk and as soon as she gets home...."Splash", she jumps right in.

Now for the best part its my turn to TAG someone......5 someones to be exact!

This was a fun tag, I rather enjoyed it.

Have a great day everyone


Lauri said...

oh this is a fun one!!!! Off I go to my pics!

Rach said...

oh Karen, i burst into tears when i saw your picture, reminds me so much of my baby..which unfortunatly is no longer with us...what a treasure ..
hugs Rachxxxx

Theresa Momber said...

OMGosh, that is such a great picture! I don't think I even have 6 files on my computer yet. I just got it for Christmas. Hehe, I may need to cheat. (gasp)

Sharon Traynor Designs said...

Fab picture Karen. Oh, she looks so cool in there. What a gorgeous dog.
Thanks for playing along.
Sharon xx

Jamie Martin said...

Love this picture! What a happy dog, my dogs would love a pool but I'm affraid they would eat it.

queenjolene99 said...

What a fine looking doggy! Thanks for tagging me! You are absolutely wonderful to know in this blogging world...You Rock!! Thanks :)

angeljakki said...

Ahhhhhh your dog is lovely. We have a boxer too and they are just so much fun x x

Bev said...

What a fabulous photo Karen, I have always wanted a boxer (but instead landed up with 9 Cavaliers!) Love it
hugs Bev x

Shirley said...

I love him and can feel his loving it too! TFS, Karen.

Chelle said...

Awwwww Layla!!
What a dork!! lol

Marcea said...

This is fab!! I love it!! I have 2 boxers and they are just the best dogs in the world (the breed, not mine .... they are little monkeys but I love them)