Friday, September 3, 2021

                                   ADVENT CALENDAR BOOKS 

Hey everyone....

It's been longer than I thought since I've been here but
 I wanted to share this awesome project. I found this great 
tutorial for an Advent Calendar Book and decided to 
make them for my grandaughters.

The insides are identical thats why there is 
only one picture

I changed the spine size to 3" and adjusted the size 
of the boxes from 1" deep to 1.25" deep so a 
scrunchie would!! 

I made all the boxes from white 68lb cardstock
 and cut print card stock for each. 

Tip: I have found in the many projects I have done
that its hard to get a crisp fold on heavy cardstock
and its my opinion that you can add strength to any
 lighter weight cardstock box by gluing layers like
 I did here with the print cardstock. 
This also applies to multiple layers of die cut 
letters, frames etc.

I was really happy with the way they turned out!!

I painted the High Hopes Rubber Stamps 
images with Tombow markers.

I used my older circle dies and a set of lower case
letters I bought a few years ago. 
I was missing a lot of stuff to even start these books
and being Covid I had to shop for the rest online. 
I purchased the heavy chipboard, strong tape, 
all the papers and sparkle paper for the box numbers 
from a great shop in Windsor, Nova Scotia

My Stamping Studio!!

I hope you like my advent books and here are
the links to the original designer of this project

Thanks so much for stopping by...
Karen x

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